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Music for Wedding Reception

Your reception is a time to celebrate, and your choices of music will make or break your night. Begin your night with ambient music as your guests enter and enjoy dinner. Then, when it’s really time to party, the music can come to the fore as your guests find themselves on the dance floor.

As your guests arrive, the music should fade into the background. Soft, alluring music will allow conversation to comfortably take place, and as you progress into the meal, your music should provide an intimate counterpoint to the elegant visual of the reception as your guests continue to settle in and get comfortable around each other.


The Prelude (Pre-dinner) - As your guests arrive, you may wish to set the mood with easy listening music. Music should, ideally, be low key and allow people to comfortably converse with each other. The music selected should offer a transition between Ceremony and Reception music, and would ideally compliment both. A solo saxophonist, solo pianist, a harpist or even your ceremony ensemble can tie the musical mood of the Ceremony and Reception together and ensure your guests are in the perfect mood for the rest of the Reception.


Dinner Music - If you have a mix of guests from different generations and cultures, an eclectic selection of easy listening music can work very well during dinner. Your band or DJ should select music that will appeal to all generations present. The music should remain in the background, enhancing but not overwhelming the dinner.


The Bridal Waltz (First Dance)The formalities are now over, and it’s time to party. When choosing your music for your first dance, it’s most important for the music to be meaningful to you and your partner. While traditional choices remain popular, many couples are choosing modern songs from their favourite bands or movie soundtracks.


The Party - The formalities are over, and it's time to party! Your band or DJ will let loose with a selection of music designed to get your guests dancing. You should have as much, or as little say in the music as you feel comfortable with - and your band or DJ will consult with you on the option. My Wedding Music band or DJ will choose a repertoire of songs based on the mood and demographic of your guests - but do tell us about your likes and dislikes, the songs that suit your personality, and any other considerations you may have.

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