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Original Wedding Music


Make your special day extra special with this truly original gift - an original composition dedicated to the happy couple on your special day, yours to keep forever!


Celebrate an eternal love with an everlasting gift. The perfect musical work can be created especially for your wedding - a beautifully written composition by one of Australia's leading composers dedicated specially to the wedded couple - a memento of their union to be treasured forever.


Personalised and original wedding songs are a most creative and special gift - a wedding song personally composed for a bride and groom makes a perfect Ceremony or Reception song, and will be a gift to be treasured forever.


Your Eternal Song composer will work with you to create a sweet and charming love song for the most memorable day of your life. Tell us your unforgettable love story, and we'll compose beautiful lyrics and music to be treasured for a lifetime. We encourage you to be part of the composition process - if you have a way with words, we could set your own poem to music.



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